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Self-Calming and Emotional Regulation Tools for Children of all Ages

Due to a multitude of factors, many parents are struggling putting their children to bed at a reasonable time.  Children may feel anxiety, worry, and stress when the lights go dim and the room is quiet.  Daily struggles and challenges may … Continue reading

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Resources and Referrals for Families

The following resources and referrals are highly recommended by Coastal Speech Therapy Inc. Pediatrician: Dr. Yu Pediatrician Phone: 949-548-7777 Address: 320 Superior Ave. Ste. 220 Newport Beach, CA 92663 Dr. Iravani Phone: 949-515-7337 Address: 1640 Newport Blvd. Suite 360 Costa Mesa, … Continue reading

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The Positive Effects of Therapy Dogs Utilized in Speech and Language Therapy

Buddy!!! We are extremely excited and proud to announce that Coastal Speech Therapy now offers a trained therapy dog utilized during speech and language therapy sessions.  For years, therapy dogs have been utilized to reduce a child’s separation anxiety, improve rapport … Continue reading

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Facilitating Flexible, Cooperative Language

Flexible Language Can we trade? I changed my mind. Ok, maybe next time. Whatever, no big deal. That’s a great idea! Let’s compromise Let’s work together We did it together! Do you mind if we… Let’s try it again First … Continue reading

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Sensory Red Flags

When to refer to an Occupational Therapist Poor Eye Contact Difficulty Communicating Picky Eater and/or chews on everything. Breaks toys and crayons easily. Poor fine motor skills. Poor body awareness, frequently bumping into people and objects. Clumsy, trips and falls … Continue reading

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Autism Spectrum Disorders

Red Flags to Look Out For….  Reduced receptive and expressive language. Lack of eye contact No response to name being called, it could be as if the child is not listening or appears to be deaf. Flapping, rocking, or spinning … Continue reading

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Speech Therapy iPAD Apps

  Early Childhood (0-3 YO) & Cause/Effect Tiny Hands Speech Pups Peekaboo HD Pepi Tree Lite Duck Duck Moose Pocket Pond Laser Lights Ooze App Falling Stars Dropophone App Paint Sparkle Monster Chorus Fluidity   Any Age Articulation Station Flip … Continue reading

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Adolesent Social Skills Group Therapy

We feel that it is important to create a uniquely designed treatment plan with measurable goals so that we are able to target a child’s individual needs within the context of  social skills group therapy.  We create group placements based on a child’s age and … Continue reading

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Speech Sound Disorders- Articulation Disorders and Phonological Processing

Speech Sound Disorders Q. What are speech sound disorders? A. Most children make some mistakes as they learn to say new words. A speech sound disorder occurs when mistakes continue past a certain age. Every sound has a different range … Continue reading

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Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia (DVD) Also known as “Apraxia”

Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia (DVD)  Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia (DVD) also known as “Apraxia” is the difficulty forming sounds into words.  It is a motor planning delay, characterized by difficulty carrying out movements that a person is physically able and willing to … Continue reading

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